Track the activity of someone else's WhatsApp profile

Read deleted WhatsApp messages
What's new Version 3.1: You can also download the archive with required data.

To track the target account, just specify the phone number the WhatsApp account of your interest is linked to and start doing the following things:

  • Discreetly read WhatsApp messages

  • Check if your messages have been read

  • View a target user's account activity

  • Track who viewed your profile

  • Recover deleted WhatsApp account

Track Someone Else's WhatsApp SMS
Hack WhatsApp with WhaTracker
Tracking Someone Else's Whatsapp Location and Travel Routes

How to Track Another User's WhatsApp Activity

To view someone else's WhatsApp account activity, you need to complete registration in the WhaTracker activity tracker and choose the most suitable service package. For this, we recommend that you carefully read the Terms of Use and get yourself acquainted with our Service Packages. You can also choose optional packages to read deleted WhatsApp messages, find out who the messages are being forwarded to, view the message editing history, or track other people's WhatsApp notifications. Now you will be able to see the last user login to the network as well as full history of active sessions. Authorization on new devices will be also marked with a special icon.

With WhaTracker app, customers can do the following things:

Learn who viewed your profile

  • WhaTracker tracks all browsing sessions of user profile information and displays the resulting data in CSV table format. The table contains the phone number of a user who viewed compromised profile as well as the time and duration of the session. Adding a profile to WhatsApp contact list is also marked by a check mark (✓).

Read Deleted WhatsApp Messages

  • Once deleted, WhatsApp messages are erased from the phone's database, but saved to the cloud for storing backup copies. WhaTracker accesses the cloud, thus gaining the ability to recover deleted messages.

Send WhatsApp messages without accessing a phone number

  • The WhaTracker team has over 100 WhatsApp accounts from which they can quickly send unlimited number of messages. To send a message, upload a CSV file with the target users' phone numbers, pay for the service and click Start to send the messages within 30 minutes.
The software lets customers track the following types of account activity:
Sending the Messages

The time of sending and Caller ID/ Message editing history

Viewing the Messages

The time of message receipt/reading

Using the Application

Log in to compromised account on a new device/Get full history of active sessions and view the used device/history of desktop sessions

View Compromised Profile

Identify who viewed the profile/Track a phone number added to WhatsApp Contact List.

Blocking the Users

Adding/removing users from the blocked list.


Get a full list of received notifications and learn the device used to view them.

Account Settings

Change your privacy settings, phone number, profile picture or WhatsApp account status.

Forwarding and Deleting Messages

Identify the fact of forwarding a message to another user / Determine the message recipient.

How to find out who my WhatsApp messages were sent to?

WhaTracker is the only spy app that can identify the recipient of forwarded messages. Combining certain approaches, the software allows you to decrypt a special identifier displayed in the target profile database, and track which user your message was sent to. You can find out the phone number, contact name, network status and the user picture.

Find out when a user was last online

To consistently track someone else's activity, the Timeline is integrated into the Dashboard interface - a special tool that chronologically displays all the actions performed by compromised users in the messenger, from sending and viewing messages to their online status or closing the application.

View WhatsApp Notification History

Customer can view full message history of the target account in a separate tab of the Dashboard. Notifications can be sorted by sender status, device type, date of reading, or even keywords used in the notification. Unviewed and viewed notifications are marked with a cross (×) and a check mark (✓), respectively.

Use WhatsApp Discreetly

The application allows you to discreetly read messages in WhatsApp. Interacting with account data through the WhaTracker interface, your status will be displayed as “offline” for other users, and messages viewed through your Dashboard will remain unread.

WhaTracker™: Secure third-party Interface

An important competitive advantage of WhatsApp WhaTracker is private and anonymous performance.

First of all, we use a third-party interface to eliminate interaction between a target user's device and security system of the social network. Thanks to this feature, the Watsap algorithms cannot track any information about the attacker.

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99 .00 /usd 149.00 $
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237 .00 /usd 387.00 $
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5 phone numbers Business
345 .00 /usd 595.00 $
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User Reviews

You can leave a comment or suggestion on the User Reviews page.

I have been using WhaTracker for over a year. I used it in different life situations and I can surely say that it is currently one of the best tracking apps. You simply won't find anything like it in this price segment. I highly recommend this app to all.
Meghan Taylor
The app has a great deal of featuresl! But I advise everyone to check the Affiliate Program. Entering this program, you can earn some serious money on several launches, and also get steady source of income.
Nika Verse
I discovered this app when I was going through a very difficult time, having some doubts about my spouse. Fortunately, everything was not like I thought it could be. I have easily learned how to use this software and benefit from its features. Now I use it for parental control. So, I never worry when my children are at school.
Last update WhaTracker 6.3.4
Added: Timeline filtering The timeline has now become even more informative. You can only display the events of your interest and sort them by type, weekdays, keywords and message recipients.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's WhatsApp number, you know now how to do this.

How do I get to know whether my WhatsApp message has been viewed?

To do this, just go to the Sent Messages tab of your WhaTracker Dashboard. Unlike WhatsApp, the software can spot whether compromised device has been used upon message receipt, and, therefore, let you know whether the message of your interest has been read.

How to discreetly view someone else's Whatsapp messages?

WhaTracker is the best tool for doing this. Invisible Mode is a basic application feature available to all the users, regardless of which service package they use.

Can I track someone else's WhatsApp profile activity in chronological order?

Yes, you can do it using a special tool called "Timeline", which is integrated into the web application interface.

How can I get to know who added my phone number to their WhatsApp contact list?

This information is displayed on the Timeline. You can also set up an appropriate notification and instantly learn whether your phone number has been added to the contact list.