Track WhatsApp Messges Remotely

The Application for WA Correspondence Hacking

Update 3.6: You can simultaneously launch multiple sessions

To track on a target user's correspondence, specify the phone number linked to compromised WhatsApp account and begin monitoring it:

  • Read the correspondence without accessing device

  • Track message history by specified phone number

  • Wiretap and record a target user's voice messages

  • Hack group chat and extract conversation history

  • View deleted messages from another account

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Tracking WhatsApp messages history

  • The software restores message history not from a backup stored on the user's device, but from a copy stored on WhatsApp servers. This approach allows app users to track full account correspondence from the very moment of its creation.

New messages in private and group chats

  • New WhatsApp messages are tracked in real time. The maximum delay between sending a message and displaying it on the WhaTracker Dashboard is less than 3 minutes. To notify users of new messages, we use a system of desktop and browser notifications.

Editing chat history

  • In WhaTracker, all edited messages are marked with a pencil icon. Clicking on such messages, you will see a modal window, where you can view the message editing history and information about the date and time of changes.

Deleted Messages

  • Unlike WhatsApp, WhaTracker allows you to view deleted messages, both sent by the hacked user and his partner in conversation. The fact is that deleted messages are stored in the WhatsApp database messengers users don't have access to, but WhaTracker users do.

Attachments and files

  • When downloading the WhatsApp account database, WhaTracker compresses all attached files into a separate archive. Apart from the chat window in the software interface, attached files can also be viewed in a separate tab, where they are divied into different folders in the following way: Media files (photos, videos and audio recordings), Documents and Other files.

Smart keyword search

  • In addition to the search feature, the tool can also filter and sort messages in the required order. For example, you can set your filters to see only messages with certain words sent to specific users at certain times of the day.

Group chats and dialogues

  • This feature provides access to the target user's correspondence in group chats and private channels. So, app user also can access the contacts of all group members, including their email addresses and phone numbers.

Individual set of notifications

  • The smart notification system is one of the software features that makes it the strongest player among spyware desinged to track WhatsApp correspondence. You can customize your app so that you will only receive notifications about messages that are really important and relevant to you.

How to Track WhatsApp Messages via WhaTracker?


The user completes registration, the software is getting ready to hack the compromised account.

To track messages in WhatsApp online, you need to complete a short registration. While the user is completing registration, the software checks whether a WhatsApp account is actually registered to the specified number


The application intercepts SMS with an access code and logs in to the target account.

The application is able to intercept the SMS with verification code, regardless of which country the target user is residing in, and used telecom operator services. After intercepting the message, the software exploits the received access code to log in to compromised account on the virtual device


WhaTracker duplicates message history of hacked account on the Dashboard.

The software restores all chat history from a backup copy stored on WhatsApp servers. Then the application creates user archive with message history in the Dashboard section. Also, the compressed message history can be downloaded to the device

How does WhaTracker hack someone else's messages?

To track messages in someone else's WhatsApp account, WhaTracker software exploits a vulnerability in the cellular operator's data protocol to intercept SMS message with a verification code required to transfer an account to a new device. Before tracking someone else's WhatsApp account, the client needs to specify the phone number of a target user whose message history s/he wants to track. The application will request from WhatsApp to restore access to the target account, and then intercept the SMS with the recovery code. Once the target account has been hacked, the user will be able to log in to their WhaTracker account and start using the WhatsApp message tracking application for their own purposes.

Last update WhaTracker 6.3.4
Added: Smart search 2.0. Now, when searching for a keyword, the software will also find the messages where the word was used with an error/typo or in any other way.
Selected Messages Now you can add messages of particular interest to your Favourites. In order to add a message to Favourites, click on the message and select the corresponding item in the dropdown menu. Messages already added to Favourites will be marked with an asterisk icon in dialogs.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's WhatsApp, now you know how to do it.

Will I be able to access the messages stored in the WhatsApp backup?

Yes, when hacking message history, the software restores history from backups stored on WhatsApp servers. Thus, users get access to the complete history of messages for the entire lifetime of the account in question.

I'm about to log in to the hacked account from my smartphone. How safe is this?

This is a very unsafe thing to do as the messenger's security system can identify authorization from a suspicious device and notify a target user about it. However, if you do decide to do this, we recommend that you launch a VPN first, this will help you maintain required anonymity.

Can I recover the WhatsApp messages deleted by an account owner?

Yes, you can do it. You don't even have to restore anything, deleted messages are visible to WhaTracker users by default. In chats, they are denoted by an icon in the form of a trash can. Full list of deleted messages is available in the corresponding tab of your Dashboard.

Can I configure notifications so that I only learn about new messages in certain chats?

Yes, the WhaTracker application offers a flexible system for configuring notifications. You can create notification scripts based on users, days of the week, time of day, and even keywords.

Let's say the target user has edited the post. Will I be able to see the original version of edited message?

Yes, edited messages are marked with a pencil icon. To view editing history of a message, just click on the message of your interest and select the View Message History option.

The Software is Fully Confidential

Designing the software, our developers aimed at ensuring the maximum confidentiality of user data. Without exception, all information processed by the WhaTracker service is encrypted in such a way that it cannot be identified by third parties.

Have you already used WhaTracker? Then please let us know what you think about our service in the section User Reviews. This will allow customers to make the right choice, and we will be able to improve the quality of our product.