Hack Someone else's WhatsApp Call History

Track and Spy Remotely Contact List

To access the account database, specify account phone number:

  • Hacking call history of WhatsApp account

  • Tracking and notifying app user of new calls

  • Wiretapping/recording of personal & group calls

  • Ability to download full target account database

  • Sending verification code request to log in to account

Get call history in someone else's WhatsApp account

Hacking call history of someone else's WhatsApp account

  • The call log contains information about the time and date of a call, its duration and caller ID. For group conferences, information about when participants joined and left the call will also be available. In the Dashboard, voice calls are marked with a speaker icon, and video calls are marked with a camera icon.

Tracking new audio and video calls

  • WhatsApp calls are tracked in real time. When a new call is identified, it immediately appears in the call log, its duration is displayed in the call cell. Also, tracking a call, app user will receive a notification. Clicking on notification, s/he can wiretap and record the call.

Wiretapping WhatsApp calls

  • When the target account owner makes a call, software accesses it and can start broadcasting an audio signal and video to the WhaTracker's Dashboard upon request. This approach makes it impossible for the messenger's security system to identify suspicious account activity, and ensures full anonymity and confidentiality of wiretapping procedure.

Recording Basic and Conference Calls

  • The software records voice and video calls in the quality chosen by customer, and makes them available for viewing online or downloading to the device in .MP4 format. Please note that only app users who have paid for the corresponding service packages can use the recording feature.

Hacking WhatsApp call history with WhaTracker, customers can access the following features:

Call log

Get information about the time, duration and participants of personal and group calls. Download the call log to your device

Call tracking

Track new incoming and outgoing calls. The app notifies a user about a call

Wiretapping calls

The app broadcasts audio signal and video image to the user's Dashboard

Call recording

Software records a call and saves it to the archive available on the WhaTracker Dashboard. It exports recording and you can download the archive to device in .MP4 file format

Downloading the account database

Download the call log, message history and full archive of attachments to the device with a guaranteed high upload speed

Regular calls

The app conducts AI study and analysis of the call log, followed by predicting the time and duration of future calls

Contact list

Get the contact details of personal or group call participants regardless of whether they are in a hacked user's Contact List.

Verification code request

The user can receive a code that will be valid for 60 seconds. With this cose, s/he can log in to the compromised account on his device

3 reasons to track WhatsApp account history and wiretap WhatsApp calls with WhaTracker

  • Wide range of features for working

    Apart from finding out who the WhatsApp subscriber spoke to and tracking new incoming and outgoing calls, the app allows you to download the call log to the device or email it as a CSV table. In addition, the software uses AI to establish certain patterns in regular calls

  • Flexible and prompt notifications

    Customer can configure WaTracker alerts to get notified only of important events. What comes to notifications, there are several levels of importance. For example, the software can send notifications even if the device is in silent mode

  • High quality data transfer

    Depending on the Internet connection quality, application automatically selects the quality of data transmission. However, even with a low Internet speed, the application will broadcast the call in a quality suitable for wiretapping. For this, the broadcast speed will slightly decrease. However, this feature can be disabled

How to track WhatsApp call history with WhaTracker


Set a goal

You just need to specify the phone number linked to the target account. After that, complete the registration procedure and pay for suitable service package. Now, you are all set and ready to go!


Wait for monitoring session to end

Hacking session will take about 15 minutes. In the meanwhile, we recommend that you read the User Guide.


Start working with data

The app will notify you when the monitoring session is complete. After that, you can log in to compromised account and start exploring and tracking someone else's call history in WhatsApp.

Hacking WhatsApp by Phone Number

Downloading the call log to the device

To view the call history of someone else's WhatsApp account offline, customer can download it to the device as a collection of CSV tables compressed into a ZIP archive. When downloading the archive, you can sort the calls by date, participant or duration. We ensure safe and fast download of the archive.

WhaTracker AI: Regular Calls

The built-in AI analyzes the regularity and duration of calls, and then divides calls with certain caller IDs into a separate group, also predicting the possible date and time of the next calls.

How to track who was the caller talking to via WhatsApp?

Currently, WhaTracker is the best solution for hacking WhatsApp call history. To track someone else's calls in WhatsApp, you just need to complete a quick registration procedure, pay for the services and wait for the software to hack the target account in about 15 minutes.

How to track WhatsApp call history and wiretap the calls?

To start tracking someone else's WhatsApp call history, log in to your Dashboard and set up the notification system as needed. After completing this process, you can quickly and safely find out about who and what about the WhatsApp user was talking.

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If you've been looking for a way to spy on a WhatsApp number, now you know how to do this.

Can the owner of hacked account identify me?

No, unless you tell the hacked user about it. WhaTracker combines the certain approaches for hacking and tracking call history to prevent the messenger's security system from identifying suspicious account activity and notifying the user about it.

Will I be able to track incoming and outgoing calls from another WhatsApp account in real time?

Yes, you will be able to do it. For this purpose, a notification system is integrated into the software to notify you of every new call within a few seconds upon its initiation.

Will I be able to record calls while wiretapping them?

Yes, you can do it. However, WhaTracker's call recording feature is complementary and available only to the customers who have paid for the corresponding service.

Can I adjust the quality of the incoming signal when broadcasting a call?

You can change the quality of data transfer in settings, but this is not necessary. Software adjusts data transfer quality depending on your Internet connection speed of your Internet connection.