Restore WhatsApp Account by Phone Number

Recover Full Deleted Chat History of a Target User

Specify phone number linked to the account and recover the correspondence:

  • Restore correspondence from backup copy

  • Get full access to hacked account database

  • Read deleted user's chat history and view files

  • Wiretap deleted audio and video messages

  • Get verification code without accessing the phone

Recover WhatsApp Messages
Hack WhatsApp with WhaTracker

After Restoring Access to WhatsApp Account, You Can do the Following:

Recover deleted messages of target user

View full history of private and group chats

Download full account database to device

Get full/partial account history in ZIP format

Remotely log in to the hacked account

Send unlimited recovery code requests

Get full access to account backup copies

Download full history and all the backups

Locate and search for the target devices

Track the devices on Dashboard's interactive map

Record chosen voice and video calls

Wiretap calls in the background mode

Enjoy unlimited cloud storage

Keep created backup copies of chats

View someone else's messages discreetly

Check new messages keeping status unread

Recover WhatsApp Chat History Remotely

  • To recover access to WhatsApp account with WhaTracker, you don't need to access the phone number linked to it. Once your account has been recovered, you will get access to all sent and received messages as well as saved backup copies of chats.

Verification code requesting for logging in to target account

  • Once you have logged in to your Dashboard, you can request a new verification code for authorization to compromised account from any device. The code will be valid for 60 seconds and you can request a new one if needed. Software allows you to request and receive unlimited amount of WhatsApp verification codes.

Accessing WhatsApp chat history offline

  • The WhaTracker application allows you to read someone else's correspondence, while maintaining the offline status for other messenger users. You will be able to track all the target account activity from the Dashboard. New activity will be broadcast to the Dashboard with a maximum delay of 3 seconds.

Downloading account database

  • WhaTracker software allows you to download someone else's WhatsApp chat history to your smartphone, tablet or PC. Before downloading, the database will be compressed into an archive, which will then be downloaded to the user's device at the highest possible Internet connection speed.

How to recover WhatsApp messages

  • Once registered, each WhatsApp profile is linked to a specific device. When changing devices, just scan the QR code to fully recover the message history. But what can you do if your device got lost, broken or SIM card service suddenly stopped working? In this case, you can contact the WhatsApp Customer Support and wait for their response for some time or recover your account in just a matter of few minutes with WhaTracker.

The application recovers deleted messages

  • WhaTracker can help you recover deleted messages in WhatsApp. Our application can directly access the archive of account data stored in the messenger's database whereas the users can only access the database stored on the device and in backup copies.

Reliable cloud storage for backups

  • After you regain access to your account, you can use the WhaTracker app as a cloud for storing backups. WhaTracker will automatically save all the data archives created in WhatsApp, and then you can restore the backup in a few clicks, if needed.

Why WhaTracker Is the Safest Way to Recover WhatsApp Account?

  • It works everywhere and you don't need to contact Customer Support!

    WhaTracker gains access to the verification code regardless of user location or chosen mobile operator. Application algorithms interact with the messenger's data transfer protocol, that is, the status of phone number linked to target account is completely irrelevant.

  • Convenient third-party Interface for working with account data

    When developing WhaTracker, we wanted to offer the best user experience. As a result, now every app feature is just about 3 clicks away from the main page of the user's Dashboard. The web interface of WhaTracker steadily operates on any type of device, and app user only needs to ensure stable Internet connection.

  • Safe and secure performance

    To recover access to WhatsApp account, the application combines two approached: it exploits virtual device to log in to the target account, and a third-party interface to duplicate the account database. Such an approach makes it impossible for the messenger's security system to spot any suspicious account activity.

How to Restore WhatsApp Chat History in 3 Steps?


Register a WhaTracker profile

Enter the phone number linked to the target WhatsApp account. Once the software successfully confirmed account hackability, complete registration.


Pay for the services

We offer various service packages. Choose the most suitable package and pay for the services. You can replenish your account balance using almost all popular payment methods.


Log in to your Dashboard

It usually takes about 10 minutes to recover access to an account. The software will notify you when the recovery is complete. After that, you can log in to your Dashboard and request a new verification code.

How to Restore a WhatsApp Account without Accessing the Phone?

The software exploits technological vulnerability of the SS7 protocol to remotely recover WhatsApp. WhaTracker intercepts verification code sent to the phone number upon launch of the access recovery procedure. After that, the backup copy of restored account is transferred to WhaTracker's Dashboard and is ready for downloading to a new device.

Hack WhatsApp account remotely


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's WhatsApp account, now you know how to do this.

I have restored access to WhatsApp. What should I do next with the WhaTracker?

Having enabled the standard features, you can use WhaTracker to easily navigate through target account database, download the database in a single archive, view and anonymously read incoming messages offline, or to create and store encrypted backup copies.

Will I be able to erase my data from the WhaTracker database after account recovery?

Yes, please go to the Settings section on your Dashboard, open the Active Sessions tab and click the Erase Session button. Note that once you have deleted a session, you won't be able to restore it.

How long will WhaTracker keep backup copies of my account?

Backup copies are stored in our database for unlimited amount of time. They will only be removed if you delete them yourself.

Does your app update WhatsApp account history located in the WhaTracker database?

Yes, account history is automatically updated in real time.

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages?

Quite often you can spot valuable information among standard correspondence. The partner in conversation may delete these important messages after some time, thinking that this information cannot be stored. When wondering whether it is possible to recover WhatsApp messages, users often end up using doubtful tools for working with the messenger's database. This can cause a complete loss of access to the account or even blocking of the account by the WhatsApp security system.

What to do?

WhaTracker app is the best solution to recover WhatsApp correspondence. The software safely restores deleted messages in WhatsApp. This software will regain access to any WhatsApp account in about 15 minutes.

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