WhatsApp Hacking App for iPhone

Spy on Any WhatsApp Account on iOS Device

Enter the phone number linked to the target account:

  • Track new activity in a compromised account

  • Hack someone else's WhatsApp chat and SMS history

  • Access the media files on someone else's iPhone

  • The app operates without Jailbreak and iCloud access

  • Monitor GPS geolocation and travel routes

Hack someone else's Whatsapp account on iPhone
Hacking Someone Else's Whatsapp Correspondence and SMS History
Tracking New Activity

Track New Activity on Whatsapp Account

  • The web application can track any activity of the target user and notify you depending on the specified notification settings. Possible activity types vary widely from a received message and an initiated voice call to an online appearance or viewing another user's activity status.

Access to the Full History of Compromised Account

  • The account history contains all data linked to the WhatsApp account and can be expanded to the database of compromised device on which the target account is installed. The database can be downloaded to a device as a single archive, viewed on the Dashboard online, or completely transferred to a new device.

No Jailbreak and iCloud access

  • The application is ready to launch and hack someone else's WhatsApp account on an iPhone without having to do a Jailbreak. You don't need iCloud login details to track someone else's account. To start monitoring the target account, just install the current version of browser. WhaTracker is a cross-platform application that efficiently operates on all the types of modern devices.

No device resources or battery life used

  • WhaTracker software operates independently. Our servers and equipment take care of the energy-consuming hacking and tracking processes. We also guarantee stable and fast application performance even on outdated devices and at low Internet connection speed.

How to Hack Another Person's WhatsApp on iPhone


Sign Up

To register an account, specify a valid email address. You can als log in via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google. We guarantee that your data will be stored in our database in an encrypted form and will not be transferred to third parties.


Choose the Most Suitable Service Package

Different service packages include various functionality and the limit of active hacking sessions. For example, purchasing a package for hacking and tracking three accounts, you will pay less for hacking one WhatsApp account, and you will also be able to record voice and video calls.


Log in to Your Dashboard

Once the app has hacked the compromised account in about 15 minutes, you will receive a notification. After that, you can log in to your Dashboard and start working with the obtained data. Let us note that you can log in to compromised account as much as it's needed.

Hack WhatsApp account right now!

Real Time Activity Tracker

To start WhatsApp online tracking, specify user's phone number

in international format.

Unique Features of WhaTracker

  • Accessing Someone Else's iCloud

    After gaining access to the WhatsApp account authorized on the iOS device, the software requests a number of accesses from the system to track the password from the iCloud account. Next, the application synchronizes with the cloud service and displays all the uploaded files in the WhaTracker user's Dashboard.

  • Hacking and Tracking iMessage History

    Continuous tracking other people's iMessages is done in real time on all the devices where the hacked WhatsApp account is authorized. Special tools for displaying media files and effects used in iMessages are integrated into the Dashboard. The application also displays information about the device from which the message was sent or read.

  • Payment Details and Information About Active Subscriptions

    WhaTracker tracks all information related to purchases of a compromised account through iCloud. The data package includes information about payment methods, payments made, gifts and active subscriptions to services and applications. In addition, you will also get access to a continuously updated catalogue of purchases of virtual goods in games and other applications.

Pricing Plans
  • viza
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • maestro
  • qiwi
  • yandex
  • btc

WhaTracker: Universal Way of Hacking WhatsApp on an iPhone

Our software has the following advantages:

User Reviews

You can leave a comment or a suggestion on the page User Reviews.

Olga Semenova
I use apps to check on my parents. They are quite old, and I need to protect them from spam and fraudulent messages. WhaTracker is great for this purpose. I can also see what they are up to.
Stas Davydkin
Our internal security team uses an app to monitor employee activity on iPhone and iPad. They say that it's a very convenient app as it keeps track of everything including screen time inside various apps.
Milena Fox🕸
A friend of mine was able to read boyfriend's correspondence on the iPhone and caught him cheating. For over a year, she couldn't get what was going on with their relationship. Now I'm thinking whether to use it or not...
Last update WhaTracker 6.3.4
Added: Apple One subscription | The software can now track the purchase of a new single subscription to all the Apple services. The application will also display all information about the payment system used to make the purchase.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's WhatsApp, now you know how to do it.

How to correctly install WhaTracker app on iPhone?

You don't need to download and install anything to start using WhaTracker on your iPhone. Just register an account and log in the Dashboard through the browser. If you are using Safari, make sure your smartphone has the latest version of this browser.

Is WhaTracker Safe for my iPhone?

Yes, it is completely safe. Web application format eliminates a possibility of infecting the iPhone with any viruses. Also, the software won't cause any problems related to the smartphone security system.

Is it possible to hack several WhatsApp accounts with Family Sharing on?

Yes, you just need to open the "Family Sharing" tab in the Apple Services section of your Dashboard, and click the "Quick Hack" button next to the username you are about to hack.

Can I access photos and videos in the hacked user's iPhone Gallery?

Yes, however, to use this WhaTracker feature, you need to pay for the appropriate service package.

Fully Confidential

Designing the software, our developers aimed at ensuring the maximum confidentiality of user data. Without exception, all information processed by the WhaTracker service is encrypted in such a way that it cannot be identified by third parties.

How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone without JailBreak?

WhaTracker app for tracking WhatsApp online on iOS works without Jailbreak and iCloud password. To read other people's messages in WhatsApp on iPhone, just register an account and start using the web application to track the activity of another person's account. The online activity tracker has a wide range of features including wiretapping the calls on iPhone or copying the photos from someone else's iPhone. Before you start monitoring someone else's WhaTracker on iOS, make sure that your device has the latest version of one of the popular browsers.

Screen Broadcasting During Desktop Session on Mac | The application will notify you of the launched desktop WhatsApp session on MacOS. When you click on the notification, you can view the broadcast of everything that happens on the computer screen. The broadcast will be active until the desktop session ends.

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