Track Someone's WhatsApp Location via WhatsApp

Geolocate a Target User on the Map Online

Enter the phone number of target account and start geolocating a user:

  • The app determines a user's current location

  • It tracks all the user's travel routes on the map

  • Get a log of visited locations with coordinates

  • Find a lost or stolen phone and get it back

  • Web interface with integrated map system

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Track WhatsApp Number Location

  • WhaTracker customers can monitor the target user in three ways. The app can do it using the built-in interactive maps on the Dashboard, in any web map application, or by exporting GPS coordinates. We recommend using the first method as it fully ensures absolute accuracy of geolocation broadcast with a maximum delay of 90 ms.

Collecting and tracking new geotags

  • The Geotag Collection tab stores all WhatsApp geotags ever sent or received by the target user. All media files certain geotag has been linked to are immediately available for viewing. Tracking new geotags implies tracking new messages geotags were sent with and notifying the user about them.

Regular routes and movements history

  • WhaTracker's built-in AI tracks recurrent routes, saves and sorts them into different route collections: Weekly, Working, Short, Walking and Car Routes. The software also shows on what day and time a particular route is expected to be used next time.

WhatsApp Travel Routes GPS Tracking

  • You can track the travel routes of a WhatsApp user using special WhaTracker tool. To view a certain route, you will need to set the time interval of your interest and select the route playback speed. The following playback speed modes are available: Real time mode, х2, х4, х8, х16 and х32.

Places and Locations

To implement this feature, we have integrated AI into WhaTracker. Now, the software keeps analysing a user's correspondence and monitors duplicate names of places and locations, simultaneously checking for the presence of such locations within a radius of 50 km from a user's current location.

Find Your Lost Device

Apart from tracking device location, this feature makes it possible to search for a device without delay. Software will geolocate target device was in before disconnecting and then track it even if device was turned on for just a few seconds.

Calendar of Appointments

The software synchronizes with Google Calendar and other calendars installed on a hacked device and duplicates information about scheduled events and meetings on a user's Dashboard. This feature only works if the account owner has enabled access to the Calendar in WhatsApp.

Google Maps

Synchronization with Google Maps

WhaTracker is the only solution on the software market that supports synchronization with Google Maps and other popular online maps. Using WhaTracker, you can geolocate someone in Google Maps with one click and get directions to the point of your interest.

WhatsApp Location Tracking with Online App:


Exploiting SS7 vulnerability for Intercepting SMS

To recover WhatsApp account, the app exploits SS7 data interception technology to send SMS with a verification code. WhaTracker's hacking algorithms are designed with the vulnerability of this technology in mind. Thus, the application intercepts the message with verification code.


Account authorization and database duplication

Using the code, WhaTracker logs in to a target account on the virtual device. After that, the software downloads account database and deploys it in a third-party interface. A combination of these methods ensures fully safe geolocation tracking.


Broadcasting geolocation to your Dashboard

Once target account has been hacked and app user has been notified about it, the software keeps broadcasting the locations of devices with the hacked and authorized WhatsApp account to the Dashboard.

Last update WhaTracker 6.3.4
Synchronization with Dual GPS: Now, if someone else's smartphone is equipped with a dual-band GPS module, WhaTracker will display target device location with maximum accuracy.
Places and Locations: The software application analyses all the messages to spot place names or locations. All possible names are checked in Google Maps and saved in the Places and Locations tab of the Dashboard if a suitable location is found within a radius of 50 metres from app user.


Is it possible to track the travel routes of hacked user in real time?

Standard WhaTracker service package implies geolocation tracking, and all app users can enjoy it.

Do I have to deposit any additional funds into my WhaTracker account?

It depends on whether you decide to purchase new app features. In general, WhaTracker has a single payment model, but if you want to hack other WhatsApp users or get additional app features, you will need to additionally replenish your account.

How to simultaneously monitor several target users?

WhaTracker has two modes for multi-user geolocation tracking. The first mode implies monitoring the location and travel routes of each user in a separate tab. Using the second mode, you can see the location of all the users on one map. This is not a very convenient way of monitoring target users in different cities or countries.

Can I download a collection of geotags to my device?

Yes, the collection of geotags can be downloaded as a CSV table. It includes geotag coordinates, username and phone number of the recipient and sender as well as information about the date and time of sending the geotag.

How to track someone else's location via WhatsApp?

To track someone else's WhatsApp geolocation by phone number, just specify target phone number on the main app page and complete the registration. The geolocation tracker will verify specified phone number and assess the hackability of WhatsApp account linked to it.