Spy App for WhatsApp on Android Device

Track Account Activity in Real Time

Specify the phone number linked to the target account.

  • Tracking Someone Else's WhatsApp Account Activity

  • Track location via WhatsApp on Android device

  • Third-party interface for working with account history

  • Spy App for Tracking Messages

  • Log into a compromised account

Spy App for WhatsApp on Android Device
SMS messages
Track account activity

Hacking Someone Else's WhatsApp Correspondence on Android Device

  • WhaTracker duplicates the history of all chats on the Dashboard, and then updates it in real time. The software also lets customer download all the WhatsApp messages to his device as a ZIP archive. If the target user is in any group chats, the application saves all the available data about the participants of these chats such as profile photos, descriptions, and phone numbers.
  • Hack Someone Else's WhatsApp Correspondence

Track SMS messages

  • The software provides access to the library of SMS messages for all the devices on which the monitored account is authorized. To prevent spamming and SMS newsletters coming to the account owner, customers can enable SMS filtering feature.
  • Printout of SMS messages

GPS Tracking Apps for Android

  • By accessing the device's database, WhaTracker also can monitor a user's location via WhatsApp. In the Dashboard, the software broadcasts the geolocation of all the devices on which the compromised account is authorized. Moreover, an interactive map reflects the travel history of account holder.
  • Determine Someone Else's Current Location

Wiretapping WhatsApp Calls on Android Device

  • WaTracker can track someone else's calls on Android device. To wiretap another person's calls on WhatsApp, a customer has to choose corresponding pricing plan. Software monitors incoming and outgoing calls and sends the user instant notifications. App user should click on relevant notification to quickly connect to the broadcasted call.
  • Wiretapping The Calls

Log in to someone else's WhatsApp account on Android device

  • All users can remotely hack a WhatsApp account by requesting a verification code. The code can be used to log in to a compromised account on any device and is valid for 60 seconds upon the request. In addition, full history of the hacked account is displayed on the Dashboard and can be downloaded in a single ZIP archive.
  • Hack WhatsApp Online

Tracking Activity in Someone Else's WhatsApp on Android Device


Check the Hackability of Chosen Account

First, make sure that a WhatsApp account is actually linked to specified number. To do this, enter the number in the appropriate window on the main page of the website and wait for the software to check the hackability. You will be shortly notified of the result.


Choose the Most Suitable Service Package

Different service packages include various functionality and the limit of active hacking sessions. For example, purchasing a package for hacking and tracking three accounts, you will pay less for hacking one WhatsApp account, and you will also be able to record voice and video calls.


Log in to Your Dashboard

Once the app has hacked the compromised account in about 15 minutes, you will receive a notification. After that, you can log in to your Dashboard and start working with the obtained data. Let us note that you can log in to compromised account as much as it's needed.

Hack WhatsApp account right now!

Real Time Activity Tracker

To start WhatsApp online tracking, specify user's phone number

in international format.

Unique Features of WhaTracker

  • Tracks WhatsApp Activity Without Using the Device's RAM

    The application does not use a single megabyte of RAM on your device, other than that used by the browser. Our servers and equipment take care of all the workload. Application consumes a minimum amount of internet traffic.

  • The Best Parental Control Software

    The app doesn't need to directly interact with the child's device and the notification system has a high speed. It makes WhaTracker the optimal solution for users who want to have a parental control over WhatsApp on Android device. The combination of specific approaches used for tracking WhatsApp account also ensures discreet monitoring.

  • Open Access to the Device Gallery

    If access to the Gallery is enabled on the controlled device in the WhatsApp privacy settings, the software also allows users to view and download any media files stored on the device. WhaTracker is a unique online WhatsApp tracker for Android with similar functionality.

Pricing Plans
  • viza
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • maestro
  • qiwi
  • yandex
  • btc

WhaTracker: The Most Effective WhatsApp Hacking Approach for Android Devices

Our software has the following benefits:

User Reviews

You can leave a comment or suggection on the page User Reviews.

I track several Android devices of my children, that is, a tablet and a Samsung Galaxy phone. The display accuracy of both devices is excellent. You can monitor both devices on a single map.
Margarita Sergeeva
I lost a rather expensive smartphone. I was planning to buy a new one and already stopped thinking about the old phone. I accidentally discovered WhaTracker and found my phone at a friend's house. He just fell over the bed!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I was really happy about that!
Let me just say a few words. The app doesn't require any installation. Therefore, it is simply the best one you can find. The launch will take about five minutes, and you will also save your nerves. The result is just awsome 🔥🔥🔥
Last Update WhaTracker 6.3.4
Added: Computing power and speed increased by 35% | Now, when opened from a smartphone, the WhaTracker web application operates even faster and uses up to 60% less RAM. You can spend that extra time on something much nicer than waiting.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on someone else's WhatsApp, now you know how to do it.

How to minimize the chance of getting caught?

You won't get caught if you don't send messages from the compromised account and use a VPN for authorization.

Can I track a user's GPS if I have an Android phone and he has iOS phone?

Yes, that's not a problem. Geolocation tracking is available regardless of which operating system you and the compromised user are using.

I am unable to download the archived database of the compromised account. What to do?

Most likely, your browser doesn't have access to the device memory. Go to privacy settings and enable access, then try downloading the archive again.

I have an Android smartphone. How can I enable WhaTracker notifications?

Typically, WhaTracker notifications are enabled by default. If you are not getting notifications, check your browser's notification settings and try again.

Fully Confidential

Designing the software, our developers aimed at ensuring the maximum confidentiality of user data. Without exception, all information processed by the WhaTracker service is encrypted in such a way that it cannot be identified by third parties.

How to Hack WhatsApp on Android Without Rooting

Unlike the majority of modern Android solutions for tracking WhatsApp activity, the software doesn't need to be installed on the device and runs in a browser interface. Thus, WhaTracker doesn't need to root the device. The latter significantly saves time and simplifies the use of application.

First of all, the WhatsApp tracking application on Android must be safe for both a user and a device. Therefore, WhaTracker is a WhatsApp tracking program for Android that works in a browser and minimizes any danger to the device. WhatsApp Spy for Android also ensures full confidentiality and anonymity when hacking WhatsApp by specified phone number.

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