Hack WhatsApp Account by Phone Number

Track Target User's Activity in Real Time
What's new Version 3.1: The archive can be downloaded from the Dashboard

To start monitoring a target account, just specify the phone number linked to it

  • View conversations and track new messages

  • Access full database of compromised account

  • Monitor location and travel routes of target user

  • Track WhatsApp activity on iOS and Android

  • Intercept SMS messages by phone number

Tracking WhatsApp SMS messages
Hacking WhatsApp with WhaTracker
Monitroing Whatsapp location and Travel History

How to hack a WhatsApp online?

Currently, there are not so many ways to hack WhatsApp without having to physically access the target phone. WhaTracker is the most effective solution offering fast, private and safe performance. You will no longer need to download spyware from unverified sources and waste time on preliminary configuration and optimization of spyware. Our software exploits the vulnerability of common protocol of SS7 cellular operators. The software has been designed to let you remotely restore the WhatsApp account by intercepting an incoming SMS with confirmation code. This information is sufficient for logging in to the target account on a specially configured emulator and creating a full archive of files on the Dashboard. Created archive is checked by antivirus for malicious attachments and therefore completely safe for downloading. Please note that incoming data packet can take over 1GB of disk space.

SMS and MMS messages tracking

  • Accessing WhatsApp, the app can also track incoming and outgoing SMS messages. The software instantly notifies the user about the intercepted SMS, and broadcasts the message content to the Dashboard.
  • SMS Tracker arrow

WhatsApp Messages Tracking

  • Once the target account has been hacked, all the text and voice messages from personal and group chats can be viewed online and downloaded to the device. The app keeps tracking new messages and they will appear in the user's Dashboard once being sent or received by the hacked user.
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Tracking user's location and travel routes

  • Using the Dashboard, app user can see current geolocation of all the devices the tracked WhatsApp account is authorized on. You can track user's location and monitor his travel routes on an interactive map or by extracting coordinates and opening the data in any popular web map system.
  • Location tracker arrow

Hack and Monitor WhatsApp Activity

  • WhaTracker can track all the WhatsApp activity online. For example, you can check the Timeline integrated into your Dashboard to see the WhatsApp application using sessions, sent and received messages, profile photo changes and other user actions in chronological order.
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Accessing WhatsApp Rooms

  • In the WhaTracker application interface, all the Rooms the target user has joined to look almost same as in the WhatsApp application itself. The software duplicates all the activity in the Rooms, including messages, calls and reactions. An offline notification system is also available for the Rooms.

Hacking WhatsApp on iOS and Android

  • WhaTracker is a safe and fast solution to hack WhatsApp on Android or iOS. Using the web interface, clients don't need to download installation files, access root rights (for Android) or iCloud (for iOS).
  • Accessing gallery and files

    Users get access to all the photos and videos stored on the device. The application's notification system can be configured to send the alerts when new photos appear in the gallery. This feature only becomes available if the target user enabled access to the camera and storage in WhatsApp.

  • Parental Control for WhatsApp

    When subscribing to the Parental Control service package, users can access the messenger's database and all the data stored on the child's device. To activate this feature, the parent needs to access the child's device once and enable WhatsApp access to all Device Permissions.

  • Keyword alerts and notifications

    The software is equipped with a smart notification system. For instance, you can create alert scripts for the application to notify you only about those messages where the specified words appear in one form or another.

  • Hack multiple WhatsApp accounts

    One WhaTracker account can simultaneously monitor up to 5 WhatsApp accounts. All the application users can simultaneously track the activity of several accounts. To launch additional monitoring session, just go to your Dashboard and click the "Create a New Session" button.

WhaTracker: Secured Third-Party Interface

An important competitive advantage of WhaTracker is private and anonymous performance.

First of all, we use a third-party interface to eliminate interaction between a target user's device and security system of the social network. Thanks to this feature, the WhatsApp algorithms cannot track any information about the attacker.

About Us | WhaTracker

Start Hacking WhatsApp in 3 Easy Steps:


Identify the user

Specify a profile URL, username or phone number. The hacking session runs in the background mode and is completely invisible to the target account owner


Wait for the hacking session to end

Wait until WhaTracker creates a request to intercept a system message with a code, which allows you to access the page


Get the result

As a result, the client can authorize the profile on the new device. A user gets login details for the compromised account

Hack WhatsApp account right now!

Real Time Activity Tracker

To start WhatsApp online tracking, specify user's phone number

in international format.

Setting connection and testing the hackability

  • Once the user has specified the phone number of target account, the software requests the verification code. The code is not interceptedat this stage. If WhatsApp reports that the code has been sent to the linked phone number, the software verifies the possibility of hacking and notifies the user about it.

Initiation of access recovery procedure

  • Once the confirmation of payment completion has been received, the application initiates account access recovery procedure for a second time. By exploiting a vulnerability in the SS7 data transfer protocol, WhaTracker intercepts SMS with a verification code.
  • Recover WhatsApp

Account authorization on a virtual device

  • Using the intercepted verification code, the software logs in to the target account on the virtual device. The virtual device is used to eliminate a possibility of identifying suspicious activity in the compromised account.

Duplicating account database in the third-party interface

  • After logging in to the compromised account, the software copies its database. The copied database is uploaded to the user's Dashboard, and the application keeps monitoring account activity updates. Once any new account activity has been detected, WhaTracker immediately duplicates new data packages to the Dashboard.

Pricing and Payments

Android OS


Apple devices

iOS, macOS, iPad OS


Laptops and Tablets

1 phone number Basic
99 .00 /usd 149.00 $
user 2
3 phone numbers Optimal
237 .00 /usd 387.00 $
user 3
5 phone numbers Business
345 .00 /usd 595.00 $
Pricing Plans
  • viza
  • mastercard
  • mir
  • maestro
  • qiwi
  • yandex
  • btc

User Reviews

You can leave a comment or suggestion in the User Reviews section.

This software met all my expectations. I have completely resolved all the issues with my ex-wife and no longer feel used up.
Masha Kel'
I used this app to track unscrupulous competitors and learn which of the employees leaked confidential information. I left the best reviews about this software wherever it was possible! 🖤
Tati vox
I use WhaTracker for parental control. Now, I never worry about my children because I know for sure whom they are communicating with and what they are up to.


I want to use the basic WhaTracker package. Will I be able to purchase additional features?

Yes, for this you need to open the “Service Package” tab in the Settings of your Dashboard and click on the “Expand Features” button.

Can I track SMS if the target user's phone is disconnected?

Yes, you can do it. WhaTracker intercepts SMS messages at sending stage, that is, regardless of whether the phone number is currently active.

Can you track incoming and outgoing calls on someone else's phone with WhaTracker?

Yes, WhaTracker can detect the calls and notify the user of them if the WhatsApp application has access to the Call Log on the compromised device.

Will I be able to hack someone else's WhatsApp if they use an iOS smartphone and I use Android device?

Yes, our application is compatible with different devices. You can hack WhatsApp no ​​matter what device you and the target account owner are using.

How to Hack WhatsApp Online for Free?

Looking for a free WhatsApp spyware? Currently, spyware market offers plenty solutions of this kind, but none of them can ensure steady and efficient performance to fully track someone else's WhatsApp account activity. WhaTracker software is the best WhatsApp data tracker. This WhatsApp hacking app can hack another WhatsApp account in about 15 minutes. To launch the monitoring session, you just need to specify the target phone number in the international format.

How to Hack WhatsApp on Any Device?

WhaTracker is compatible with all modern operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS). Configuration parameters such as a manufacturer, a brand and a model of the device don't really matter. It can be a smartphone, PC or a tablet. The software fully operates on a remote server and is controlled via the website interface. To successfully hack WhatsApp, you only need a stable Internet connection and one of the current versions of browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera). Recent research in cybersecurity has shown that the vast majority of cellular operators are not properly protected from external attacks. Therefore, available approaches demonstrate the maximum level of fault tolerance. Longstanding successful experience and great extent of customer satisfaction speak for themselves.


The client information kept confidential due to the implementation of end-to-end encryption algorithms. The decryption key is the password assigned by the user during profile registration on the Dashboard. We offer the payment methods that ensure a high extent of anonymity for both the sender and the recipient of the payment.


Employed approaches have been tested by thousands of users. They have demonstrated over 95% efficiency rate, therefore we don't take advance prepayment for rendered services. App user should pay for the services only if access to the account has been established and validated. This implies successful creation of user archive and its download.


You can launch WhaTracker on your Dashboard. The app doesn't require preliminary setup of the target device and confirmation from the WhatsApp account owner. The software runs in the background mode and doesn't consume battery power. Also, it does not display additional processes in the task manager.

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Last update WhaTracker 6.3.4
Added: Now, to hack the WhatsApp account of a user who is in the contact list of an already hacked account, two clicks will do. Press on ausername then select the Fast hack option in the window that opens after that. A quick hacking will be done in the background mode, so it won't distract you from working with obtained data.