Track Someone Else's Messages

SMS Online Tracking Software

Update 6.3.4 Simultaneous launch of multiple sessions
  • Tracking new SMS in a compromised account

  • Obtaining SMS archive with full account history

  • Cross-platform interface for data processing

  • Downloading message history to the device

  • Requesting and intercepting SMS with verification code

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  • ~ Arisha 21:16 Honey, you are just brilliant!
  • 7839532323 Alex 21:20 You can make a mistake once or you can make it twice...
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  • 00:05 Now the main thing is to make sure that none will get to know about it.

How to Read Someone Else's SMS with WhaTracker App

Read Someone Else's SMS Online

  • Basic software package includes hacking account history and tracking new SMS messages. In the Dashboard, the SMS data archive is available in the corresponding tab, and the messages will be placed to the folders entitled by the device name to which they were received.

Incoming and Outgoing SMS Notifications

  • WhaTracker offers a system of instant notifications, where the user can set up convenient alert scenarios. This is the feature that makes the application optimal solution for quick tracking other people's SMS. For example, customer can enable notifications only for incoming and outgoing SMS for a certain phone number.

Register a WhaTracker Account

Once the application has confirmed that specified account has been found and it can be hacked, you should register an account. To complete registration procedure, you just have to specify a valid email address or authorize via social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Google.


Select a Service Package and Pay

Before making a payment, please carefully consider the set of features included in the proposed service packages. Moreover, if you are going to simultaneously hack SMS history of several users, it's possible to buy the package that offers this service so that you can save some money.


Log in to the System and Start Tracking

Once you have paid for the services, you need to wait for the software to hack the database of the target phone number. The application will request recovery of the message database from the operator. Then it will exploit the vulnerability of SS7 protocol to download the SMS history from the operator's mobile traffic. Next, the software will let you track new messages.

Read Someone Else's WhatsApp Correspondence
  • Steady Performance

    Thanks to advanced technologies, we can ensure efficient and steady application performance. Combined with a browser interface, it provides a wide range of features and can be used for different purposes. Software has practically no system requirements. To hack and monitor someone else's SMS, you only need a fairly stable Internet connection speed and an up-to-date browser version.

  • Successful Outcome

    You don't have to replenish your account balance until the application has confirmed that the specified number is active and the history of SMS messages can be hacked. After that, we can guarantee that the target user can be hacked. The WhaTracker team also guarantees constant monitoring of the activity of compromised account pursuant to the security rules.

  • Improved User Experience

    The development and improvement of design plays important role in the system of software values. It is very important aspect, given the wide range of the app features. Currently, we can state that despite the app complexity, even novice users can quickly learn how it works.

  • Intuitive Interface

    You can easily launch application right now, without long and bothersome setup. The Dashboard interface is transparent and easy to use, and simultaneous management of several sessions will significantly reduce the time of app performance.

Last update WhaTracker 6.3.4
Added: Keyword Alerts | Setting up notifications, you can enable the alerts only for those SMS that contain the keywords of your interest. The software will also identify the presence of certain words in the message in different forms even if they are misspelled.

How It works

The app can hack someone else's SMS to let the customers read SMS on someone else's phone through a cross-platform web interface. To track SMS messages by a phone number only, the application exploits the SS7 data protocol vulnerability.


If you've been looking for a way to spy on a WhatsApp number, now you know how to do this.

Can you guarantee that the target user won't learn about his SMS being tracked?

Yes, SMS is monitored in the invisible mode, using a virtual device and a third-party interface. In this way, neither a user nor the messenger's security system will detect any suspicious activity.

What technologies does the software use to hack SMS history?

To hack SMS history, the application exploits the vulnerability of SS7 data transfer protocol used by mobile operators for data transfer.

Can I access the target user's messages if he is using an iOS smartphone?

Yes, you will also be able to track the iMessages of all the devices synced to the device on which compromised WhatsApp account is authorized.

Can WhaTracker track one-time messages from third-party services coming to a hacked user's phone number?

Yes, it can do it. Go to the Dashboard and check out a special tab called "One-time SMS" for tracking one-time messages.