What's newVersion 3.6.4: You can download the archive of user data

Online Software for

Hacking WhatsApp
  • Risk-free and fully confidential app

  • Doesn't require lengthy setup and customization

  • Manage the tracking session via your Dashboard

  • Simultaneous tracking of five accounts and devices

  • Hacking account online without risk of being caught


How the WhatsApp hacking software WhaTracker works

The software operates remotely, exploiting the common vulnerability of the SS7 protocol of cellular networks. Employed method is compatible with all the mobile operators and demonstrates over 90% efficiency rate. You just need to launch the software and provide a phone number in the international format. WhaTracker will connect to the cellular network protocol and intercept operator's system data packet with verification code. For the sake of convenience, the WhatsApp application is located on the server, where the received code will be automatically transferred. Thus, the target account history will be fully restored on a new device. This is necessary to create an archive with full history of correspondence (incoming and outgoing messages), current location, log of voice and video calls, received and sent attachments as well as saved contact list. First, the archive is fully checked by the antivirus software. Then you can download it from your Dashboard. Please note that the size of provided archive may exceed 2GB.


  • The client information kept confidential due to the implementation of end-to-end encryption algorithms. The decryption key is the password assigned by the user during profile registration on the Dashboard. We offer the payment methods that ensure a high extent of anonymity for both the sender and the recipient of the payment.


  • You can launch WhaTracker on your Dashboard. The app doesn't require preliminary setup of the target device and confirmation from the WhatsApp account owner. The software runs in the background mode and doesn't consume battery power. Also, it does not display additional processes in the task manager.


  • Employed approaches have been tested by thousands of users. They have demonstrated over 95% efficiency rate therefore we don't take advance prepayment for rendered services. App user should pay for the services only if access to the account has been established and validated. This implies successful creation of user archive and its download.

Customer Support

  • The software interface is completely intuitive and understandable even for a beginning computer user. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support. A customer service manager will contact you within 24 hours from the request. A 24-hour hotline is available for loyal customers.